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"I bought the Marketing System right after I emailed you!!! I really like your stuff. We've brought a BJJ club with maybe 30 students to a full-time academy with a complete kids program & 100 students. I get to teach full-time and I quit my construction job! Just about everything I use to run the business and marketing has come straight from your materials."

Jason Ebarb Jason Ebarb
BJJ Black Belt, Beaumont TX

Finally! Discover Effective Martial Arts Marketing Methods That Will Fill Your School With New Students, All Year Long...

From: Michael Massie, author of Small Dojo Big Profits

Dear Frustrated Martial Arts Instructor,

Have you ever wondered how those big school owners seem to always have a never-ending supply of new students and leads?

Have you given up on going head-to-head with the big schools in your area - just because you can't match their ENORMOUS marketing budget?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way for you... and I'm about to explain why.

Look, I learned a long time ago that the key to success in starting and growing any business is the ability to attract new business at will.

So, I set about discovering how to do exactly that... and my life has never been the same since I learned the art and science of effective marketing.

When You Learn The Art And Science of Marketing - It Will Absolutely Change Your Life...

Learning the art and science of effective marketing changed my life. You see, marketing is a universal skill - once you learn it, you can apply it to virtually any business pursuit or endeavor...

It lets you stack the cards in your favor, for life. Knowing how to effectively market your business is almost like a license to print money - anytime you need to bump your paycheck, you just start a new marketing campaign or promotion.

I know, it sounds crazy, but I do it all the time. And I've done it for years in my martial art schools.

But it wasn't always this way... you see, I used to struggle just like you.

Then, I discovered the secrets to:

  • Writing effective ads and marketing pieces that actually make the phone ring off the hook when I run them...
  • Leveraging the "great equalizer" - the internet - to go head-to-head with the big mega-schools, (and beating them at their own game)...
  • Creating special offers and sales promotions that virtually "hypnotize" my prospects into picking up the phone and calling my school...
  • Using the power of "viral marketing" to create a buzz about my programs in my local community (it's crazy what will happen when you learn this secret!)...
  • And, knowing when, where, and how to market my school in order to get the BIGGEST return on my investment (learn this and you'll be able to fill your school all year long on a shoestring budget)...

And, I do it all using highly ethical marketing methods (there's nothing I run in my promotions that I wouldn't be proud to show my own grandparents).

Sure, Schlocky Ads May Bring In Business... But What Are They Doing For Your Public Image?

Ever look at someone's marketing and think, "Good gravy - that's hideous!"

Yet, that's the type of marketing that many schools run...

And those folks are also telling you that you need to run the exact same "P.T. Barnum" style ads to market your school!

Hey, it may bring them in a ton of business, but putting a cartoon character of yourself on your website and ads does NOTHING but harm for your business image.

Think I'm crazy?

Ask yourself - do you take that stuff seriously? That's what I thought.

Sure, outrageous marketing works, but...

Customer Testimonial:

" class has been well attended by many new prospects from all over the region. I hand out cards to everyone I meet and stacks to my students. We're almost ready to open our Center and I'm making the most money now from my art than I've ever had in 10 years of teaching."

Manganga Angola Manganga Angola
Seattle, WA

What I Learned From Jerry Seinfeld About Protecting Your Image...

The most important lesson I've learned about image I learned from Jerry Seinfeld. Famous for turning down photo ops that are cheesy or degrading, he was once quoted as saying:

"Your image is like currency - once you spend it, it's gone."

Now, I don't know if that's exactly what he said, but I heard that quote in an interview a photographer gave on the Today Show. When Katie Couric asked if any celebrity refused to be in his book, he said that the only person in Hollywood that turned him down was...

You guessed it - Jerry Seinfeld.

And you know what? They showed some of the pictures in the guy's book, and he made every one of those celebrities look silly.

Since then, I've never forgotten that story. And if you think about it, to this day Jerry Seinfeld is still a name that's respected and revered in Hollywood... many years after his show's final season... and he's done almost nothing since!

The lesson here? Obviously, you MUST protect your public image, because it's the only one you have... and it's a bankable commodity to boot.

That's why I determined to ONLY use marketing and advertising methods that would improve and retain - not detract from - my business and professional image.

And that's what you're about to discover when you order my Martial Arts Marketing Success System - proven marketing and advertising methods that you can be proud of!

Customer Testimonial:

"This product gives you everything you need to start getting ahead right away. From tips on branding to methods of getting public notoriety, Mike's system simply works. I went from a 15 student school to 100 student school in just one year using Mike's systems! I highly recommend this product."

Bill Jones Bill Jones
Owner, Top Level Martial Arts

You Spend Good Money On Your Marketing - So Why Waste It?

As I've said before, when you think about all the money you spend on marketing every month - it's a crying shame to waste it.

Guess what? You don't have to anymore...

Now, you can have access to the same marketing secrets that I once only shared with my most trusted personal coaching clients.

This stuff is absolute gold - and it represents years of study, research, education, and experience in marketing my own schools.

Remember - I'm the "Small Dojo Big Profits" guy... my business system doesn't leave room for wasteful spending on expensive marketing that doesn't work.

And I've spent my fair share, let me tell you - but I learned those lessons, and now I only invest in low-cost, high-yield marketing that gets results and a massive ROI (return on investment).

In fact, if a marketing method doesn't pay me back $2 bucks for every $1 dollar I spend... it goes in the garbage - and I find something else that works!

Finally Have Everything You Need To Attract A Flood Of New Students Into Your School - All Year Long

How would you like to have access to the same insider information I once only revealed to my advanced coaching clients?

Now you can... I've put together a complete martial arts marketing plan to make it easy for you to learn the exact methods I use to attract a flood of new business into my school - for any program I want to build.

You see, I used to only teach this stuff to my personal, one-on-one coaching clients... then I started sharing it with my dedicated coaching site members, and the response was phenomenal.

And now, you can get the exact secrets I teach my coaching clients with my Martial Art School Marketing Success System!

Customer Testimonial:

"Michael Massie's system helped me put my school on the local map and corner my market. I went from running a small backyard club to being one of the top local instructors in my niche!"

J.B. Jaeger J.B. Jaeger
JKD Instructor, Baltimore MD

Don't Be Fooled By So-Called 'Marketing Gurus'

Now, some so-called marketing 'gurus' would have you believe that you can just push a magic button, and "POOF" - instant students.

Um, sorry but that's not the way it works in real life...

So before I go further, I have to warn you - some of these methods will require work up front, or a slightly higher up front investment to implement.

But, once they're in place you'll have a virtual leads machine set up for your business, cranking out leads and new members like candy cane factory at Christmas...

Just imagine what it will be like when you can -

  • Fill your floor with so many new students you have to start a class just for white belts (I did!)...
  • Decide to start a new program, and fill it to capacity within 30 days...
  • Or, hold a special event to raise a few extra bucks, and make the payment on a new car or dream vacation with the proceeeds (yep, that's exactly what I do...)

Once you discover how, you'll be able to create new business and leads whenever you want... and, you'll know how to plan ahead so you avoid those nasty "slumps" in business that happen at certain times of the year.

Summer slumps? Not in my schools - not since I learned the information you're going to get in my Martial Arts Marketing Success System.

What You Get When You Order Today...

Here's You'll Receive When You Purchase The Martial Arts Marketing Success System, Today:

Module 1:

The Martial Arts Marketing Success System Manual

This is the completely expanded and updated version of the marketing manual, with 45 pages of new material and info. In a full 128-pages of nothing but meat, it includes detailed instructions on how to market online and offline! First, you'll get a bird's eye view of what a really effective marketing campaign requires - then, chapter by chapter you'll be taken through the inner gears of what makes each component of my Marketing Success System tick... Now, you'll finally understand how to market like a pro! (A $97 value...)

martial arts marketing book

Module 2:

The Setting Up Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns Video Tutorial

Confused about Facebook marketing? Having trouble getting results from your ad campaigns? Not any longer! In this video I reveal EXACTLY how to set up Facebook ad campaigns that will generate tons of hungry leads for your martial art school. For just $5 a day in ad cost, I'll show you how to get all the leads you'll ever need to grow your studio.  (This MP4 video would sell for $40 if sold as a stand-alone product, but it's only available here.)

Facebook ads tutorial

Module 3:

The Ad Copywriting Guide For Martial Art School Owners

This guide reveals the essential skills of writing great ad copy in an easy-to-learn and very straightforward manner! Once you understand the information in this report, you'll be able to create effective ads whenever you need them... and without having to pay my $275.00 an hour copywriting fee. (Note: This report once sold for $27 on another site, but it's now only available when you purchase this system.)

martial arts ad copywriting guide

Module 4:

The Complete Martial Arts Marketing Plan Teleseminar

This audio reveals EXACTLY what you need to do to get tons of new students at will! Never again will you wonder how to attract new students, because this teleseminar explains what to do to get 30-50 leads a month... (Note: This MP3 audio recording is valued at $50, and is NOT for sale anywhere else)

martial arts marketing teleseminar

Module 5:

The Complete Martial Arts Marketing Plan Video Overview

This video presentation unveils the complete Martial Arts Marketing Success System in a simple, easy to understand way. In it I break down every component of the complete Martial Arts Marketing Success System step-by-step, so you know EXACTLY what to do at each step of implementing the system. Watch this video and finally understand how to grow your school! (Value: $50 if sold separately.)

martial arts marketing video overview

Module 6:

The Martial Artist's Guide To Getting Press Coverage!

This report explains how to get FREE advertising by getting your school in the local news... regularly! You simply cannot beat the powerful "third-party endorsement" that good press coverage will bring your school - make this a cornerstone of your marketing campaigns and you'll never have to spend money on expensive T.V. ads again... (Price if purchased separately - $37.00, but it's only available on this site.)

martial arts marketing press coverage guide

Module 7:

The 'Best of the Best' Ads and Fliers Archive

I've gone deep into the the archives of my professionally produced and written ads and marketing pieces (the same ones my coaching site members pay hundreds for each year) and pulled together a collection of the "Best of the Best" ads and fliers. Including over 30+ ready-to-use templates, these ads and fliers are formatted for use in newsprint ads, door hangers, full-page fliers, or leave behind marketing cards - and they're yours to use for your own martial arts marketing campaigns. (A $150 value.)

martial arts marketing ads and fliers archive

Module 8:

My Complete Martial Arts Marketing Rolodex

My Complete Marketing Resource "Rolodex" - It's taken me years to discover the best places to get all the services a school owner needs to succeed in marketing - and you'll have every last one, all conveniently catalogued. Whats this info worth? I couldn't honestly put a price on it... but it will save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars.

martial arts marketing rolodex

In addition, you'll also receive the following special bonuses worth over $200!

25% Off Business Coaching for Your Dojo!

An Exclusive, 25% Off Coaching Group Discount... As you know, I provide professional martial art school business coaching services. This coupon will entitle you to 25% off my exclusive, private online coaching group - this in itself is worth hundreds of dollars!

fade-leftfade-rightA $200 Value!

The Original Martial Arts Marketing Teleseminar Recording!

A little dated, but priceless... When I decided to revise and update this course, I went through all the modules and listened to this recording. And, while a lot of the info on it is outdated (I actually talk about MySpace during the call, lol!) there is still a ton of valuable marketing info in this audio. Rather than deleting it forever, I decided to include it as a special bonus in this course. So, don't let the dated references fool you - the info here is worth a listen!

fade-leftfade-rightA $40 Value!

Customer Testimonial:

"Right now my dojo is growing so quickly that it's a challenge to stay on top of it. What a problem to have!"

Nachum Kaplan Nachum Kaplan

Start Getting More New Students In Your Martial Art School, Today...

Now, this isn't where I tell you that this package "isn't $999.99, $799.99, or even $499.99, but only _________ when you order right now!"

And no, operators aren't standing by waiting for your call. :)

(This is a digital product, by the way - all the manuals, reports, and ads are PDFs and the audio is an MP3 recording. I use a secure automated ordering system that delivers the product instantly... so, you'll get instant access when you order.)

In fact, I respect you too much to pull that malarkey on you - you're obviously smart enough to know you need good marketing, and that means you wouldn't fall for that baloney anyway.

But what I will tell you is that the sooner you get this package, the quicker you can start filling your school with new students and making your phone ring off the hook.

And, at only $147 $97 even if you're among the most cash-strapped of instructors, you can still afford to get this for your school.

Just the manuals, reports, and ads alone are worth over $700.00 if purchased separately.

Remember, knowing how to market effectively changed my life - and when you have access to the information in my Martial Arts Marketing Success System it will change yours, too.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Implement the ideas and concepts in the Martial Arts Marketing Success System in your school, and if you don’t make your money back you can request a full refund at any time within 60 days from your purchase. This absolutely removes all the risk, so you have nothing to lose but the opportunity to get more students. Order today!

Why Wait? Order Today!

As you can see, I've totally removed all the risk - all you have to lose is the opportunity to grow your school!

So click the order button below right now, and get your copy of the Martial Arts Marketing Success System securely through Clickbank's secure payment processing system today:

Customer Testimonial:

" June I had 32 leads! Which is unheard of for us. We enrolled 16 in intros and starter memberships and 11 have since enrolled for their first year."

Aka Landschoot Aka Landschoot
Voorhees, NJ

Yes Mike! I understand when I order today I'll receive instant access to the following martial arts marketing resources, even if it's 3:00 am:

  • #1 - The Martial Arts Marketing Success Guide ($97 value)
  • #2 - The Killer Facebook Ads Tutorial ($40 value)
  • #3 - The Martial Arts Marketing Teleseminar ($50 value)
  • #4 - The Martial Arts Marketing Video Overview ($50 value)
  • #5 - The Ad Copywriting Guide ($27 value)
  • #6 - The Guide To Getting Press Coverage ($37 value)
  • #7 - The Best-of-the-Best Ads Archive ($150 value)
  • #8 - And Mike's Martial Arts Marketing Rolodex (priceless!)

Plus I'll also receive a 25% off discount coupon for martial art school business coaching (worth at least $200), and the original teleseminar audio recording (valued at $50). That's a total value of over $700, but by ordering today I'll receive this entire package for just $97!

order now


Mike Massie, author - Small Dojo Big Profits

P.S. - Yes, I back up my products. If you purchase this product and aren't satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase. That's how certain I am you will be happy with your purchase, once you read it in full and implement the information on how to create new business and leads whenever you want using my system.

P.S.S. - You'll get instant access to your Martial Arts Marketing Success System when you order securely online, at any time... even if it's 2 A.M.!

Still Not Convinced?

If I still haven't convinced you by now, that means you probably have a few questions that I haven't answered yet. So, here's a brief FAQ based on questions I've received in the past. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by clicking the support link at the bottom of the page. - M.M.

Q: "What format does the product come in?"

A: The digital version of the manual comes in .pdf format - so, you can read it on any computer, smart phone, or tablet device that is equipped with Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reading software. Most of the resources are in PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel formats, and can be read using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Excel, or Open Office (note: some resources may require Microsoft Publisher to edit). And, the bonus audios and videos are in MP3 and MP4 formats, so you can view and listen to them on virtually any computer, tablet, or a portable MP3 or MP4 player.

Q: "How is it delivered?"

A: This product is delivered via instant download immediately after you complete your purchase. The manual is a fairly small file, because the ebook doesn't take up a lot of hard drive space, so you'll have near immediate access to the manual. The audios and the videos will take a bit longer to download. I suggest downloading them to your computer using high-speed internet access.

Q: "Do you offer a guarantee?"

A: I'm known for bending over backwards to make my customers happy, and I stand behind my products 100%. And although I typically don't offer a guarantee on my sales pages (because I think they've become cliché and don't mean much to the public anymore), if you have product issues that are unsolvable after your purchase you can request a refund for up to 60 days from the vendor. Just be advised that they do ban folks who repeatedly purchase and refund products from their system, which is why I suggest that you use our support system to resolve any issues before you request a refund. So, by all means contact us by using the support link at the bottom of this page before you request a refund from the vendor, and we'll be happy to help you find a solution to any issues that may come up after your purchase.

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